Its not too late for humans to regain their awareness and appreciation of the environment in which we live. As a species too many have forgotten that we need life forms such as plants and other animals to not only survive but to learn from. Naturespace Consulting is passionate about the natural environment and creating spaces that can be enjoyed and appreciated.


Founder, Ian Murphy has always loved being outdoors. Having grown up on the doorstep of Morialta Conservation Park, childhood was spent with his brothers exploring the creeks, grass sliding hills on cardboard, climbing rocky outcrops and trees, hiking, cubby building, trail running and mountain biking.  Walking to and from primary school at an early age by following the creek, meant opportunities to experience changing landscapes from season to season. A local playground across the road from the family home built from timber that had rotten through years of service, meant opportunities to rebuild the bridges and walkways.

Today, Ian still remains passionate about the natural environment. He obtained his building qualification at University, and has been employed in the landscape industry ever since. Establishing Naturespace Consulting was a natural transition, after achieving his previous goals.

Naturespace Consulting provides landscape services to a whole range of clients including private developers, civil contractors, landscape architects, landscape construction companies, cost planners, schools and education, and aged care facilities to name a few. 

Ian Murphy
Naturespace Consulting

Ian Murphy has a building qualification through the University of South Australia, and diplomas in Horticulture and Project Management. This is backed up by 24 years of experience obtained on varying projects in managerial and key roles whilst working for some of South Australia’s largest and respected commercial landscape companies.


Ian is a licenced Building Works Supervisor (NCC Class 1 and 10 and commercial landscaping), and holds a Playground Design (RoSPPA) certificate, a White Card (Safework SA), is DCSI cleared, and has been trained in remote Area First Aid. Continual professional development sees him attend numerous external workshops and training sessions, and he has knowledge in digital-mediums including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, and AutoCAD.

Throughout his career Ian has demonstrated skills and capabilities in Estimation and Tendering, Project Planning, Design Development, Project Management, Business Development, Contract Negotiation and Administration. Applying his expertise in subcontractor engagement and management, scope, time, risk, cost and quality control across a diverse range of projects both in scale and complexity.

Ian has been afforded the opportunity to develop outstanding negotiation skills and build and maintain positive relationships both internal and external to an organisation.